Sunday, December 28, 2008

Yeah........It's been too long!

Well the last 2 months....CRAZY-- We had the Wedding in Arizona, The warrant for my arrest, the dismissing of the warrant, Christmas, Dax's near death experience...The list goes on--I'll explain later this week during the boys nap-time :) I hope everyone had a beautiful, awesome Christmas!! love you all!!

**Here is a couple cute photos from AZ at the Caitie & Nate's Wedding

Saturday, November 22, 2008

My dear sweet husband cried tears of joy this morning, His eldest son Dax has embraced the ways of his Father........He was completely fascinated with "Monster Trucks"---A side note I catch Dayton looking up go-carts for the boys and him like a minimum of 2-3 a week!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Well Folks......Times are pretty bad when signs like this are posted by your local Stake center.......what do you think ??? I'm kinda feeling like it's the 1800's or something!

Monday, November 3, 2008

........................................................HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!
Do I love the 31st of October?? Oh yeah! It really might be my favorite holiday of the year! We had a great time taking my little sisters Haylee and Brin along with the star of the night, Dax!! He caught on like it was his 10th Halloween not his 1st ( well second but this year he was game). He only had to venture to the first house to understand that if you say Trick-o-treat; people will hand you delicious sweets, and because your just a little guy they will let you reach into the bowl and get not just one but a minimum of 5 treats!! Nobody stopped him, I mean nobody!! So now like every other Mom......I am dealing with the "evil" Dax! What is evil Dax, you ask--it's the monster that lives inside my little sweetheart. And the secret trigger that sets the monster loose......That d*mn
candy!! I can't think of a place yet that he hasn't sniffed it out! So maybe I'll just eat it all myself, yeah that sounds like a great idea :)
Oh in case you are like what the heck are you guys dressed up as-- Dayton is the Mad Scientist, I'm his foxy lab assistant and the boys are our experiments gone wrong....Frankenstein and and a "little monster".

Friday, October 24, 2008

Maybe we should have a baby!

Okay....This made me want another little one to add to our Family!

We had Dayton's younger sister Caitin's Bridal shower at our house last Saturday and one of our cute friend's, Jill brought her beautiful little baby, Jacey-- I decided to be funny and really just love and snuggle the baby in front of Dax to see what he would do. Well forget any jealousy, He saw that little girl and with a huge grin on his face said "oh" and immediately wanted to hug her!! I was shocked, He climbed up on the couch and put his arms out like "okay, I'm ready to hold her"-- And spent the next 20 minutes being so gentle ( which is surprising, our poor doggie Emmy gets the "non-gentle" treatment) and just smiling at her and touching her hair....SO maybe it wouldn't be a such a big uproar to bring another one home :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Partially Hydrogenated Oils

Partially Hydrogenated Oils
After becoming a Mom, I learned from My "foster" Mom Bashaan the dangers of PHO's and once I started reading labels at the store--I was pretty freaked out by all the "common" packaged foods that contain them--Nearly all graham crackers do...pretty scary since I was always picking them up for Dax since he had started eating solids--Even tortillas are almost all packed w/ PHO's, there is like 1 brand at Walmart (La Faorita) that is safe-- Peanut butter too...You need to get the kind you have to stir & get used to it pretty fast, promise ;) Please everyone, I am not trying to scare you or make you feel guilty. I just was really happy to be informed. There are reasons our Great-grand and Grandparents possibly passed away from "old-age"..... it's that they didn't have access to all this processed and fast food-- Anyway, also I have found lots of healthy snacks at the Heath-Food store, and surprisingly they are maybe at most 25-75 cents more or if you catch a sale even less then what you would pick up a your regular grocery store :) **Click on the title to get the full explanation about PHO's , and the link at the bottom about "What's wrong with Wheat" is a good one-- May help some of you w/ food allergies you might not know that you have.

.................................................... .......My train-obsessed son
Dax is a train junkie!! He would sleep with his Train set if I let him :) And even when he is exhausted he will lay beside the train tracks to keep playing, and unfortunatly he doesn't want any help from Cam so we are having some "stool time" for hurting our brother--And a side note, We live close enough to train tracks to hear them--Dax will stop mid-anything when he hears them to tell me "Tain, Tain, Tain...choo. choo"-- I'm sure everybody has seen this train set it's a good ol' Ikea bargain at $14.99 for a 20 piece set!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

My little Man Dax Henry

And this picture of my dear sweet Mama's boy shows how much he is like his Mom.....When he wakes up he needs a good 30 minutes to really want to be awake :) He is a tried-n-true snuggle-bear and every morning he just wants to be held, This could be one of my favorite times of the day!!

My sweet baby Cameron Thomas

I just have to put this picture on here out of sheer Love....This is Dayton & Me's little baby boy, This picture is the definition of this boy---He lives a life full of JOY and smiles every step of the way

Bridal Veil Falls

Hello's been too long! Our computer crashed and it's been an interesting ride to get it back to it's ol' self-- So here I am playing catch up-- About 2 1/2 weeks ago the Boys and I went up one to Bridal Veil to walk the path-- the color's are changing up there, it's absolutely beautiful!! Here's a couple pics-- It was a little chillier that expected so I had to fashion a little hood for Cam out of one of Dayton's shirts I was taking to the dry cleaners after our walk :)

Monday, September 22, 2008

Meet my new "friend"

I would like to introduce all of you to a new friend of mine. We have become quite friendly over the last few weeks and seem to be becoming closer day by day. I don't know her name but the tattoo on her "seat" says "time-out Tillie"...........
Let me tell you how we were introduced, The person that introduced us wishes to remain anonymous so we will call him "Dax"-- This new friend is the only one whose punishments mean anything to my little Hulk......What would cause me to let my "new friend" punish my 2 year old son?? Maybe pushing our helpless lil' brother to the ground while stealing whatever small, insignificant fraction of a toy he was able to scramble up to play with, maybe a tantrum or two, or three or what the h*ll let's just make it an even baker's dozen........It's very interesting the friends you make when you become a Mom, they are sometimes in the least likely of places ( my own kitchen per say) Do any of you Mommy friends of mine have any like my new buddy????

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

DisneyLand 2008

Well... we pretty much fly by the seat of our pants most of the time-- We were suppose to head down to New Mexico to see My Dad, Grandma and sisters this last week then everything kinda fell through-- My Dad ended up working out of town-- So the trip was cancelled, But I had work off, and My little Bro Drew did too and well all of us were chomping at the bit for a vacation-- So Dayton and I decided to go to Disneyland--So we drove out Thursday hopped back & forth between the two parks, and drove back Sunday-- The boys loved it! Dax is 37" tall which he was able to ride some of the adult rides--He even rode Matterhorn (I can't remember how they spell it)twice- each time his eyes were covered when the scary Yetti was near-- Both boys loved Pirates of the Caribbean-- Each falling asleep on it! Dax loved the new "Finding Nemo" submarine ride-- And I know you are all asking "what was Dax's favorite ride" It was the Train! You know the train that goes around the park--through pre-historic land and the Grand Canyon-- He was living outside of his mind as his Uncle Taylor would say!!! He just kept saying "Tain, Tain, tain- choo-choo" Well I am happy to be back home but the hardest part poor Dax is in detox mode right now.....He has never had a lot of sugar or "crap-food", So now that we away from Churro-frenchfry-cottoncandy Land-- He is kinda onry ( to say the least) And sadly I didn't get a ton of pictures--I'm gonna blame it on all the fun we had!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I'm trying to decide if dax even knows what's going on ?
Cam (with his new haircut) smiling as usual :)
Dayton's idea of FUN

So when Dayton is watching the boys he does all the stuff you couldn't get me to do even if my life depended on it-- I'm getting better w/ bugs but that doesn't mean I didn't just throw a perfectly good duffle bag away cuz' I found a dead roach in it--But yeah Dayton loves finding the bugs and seeing how the boys react to them and by the pictures--They have no "bug issues" like Momma :)

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Nana Bo and cam

Granny Robin brought this sweet birthday cake-from Nothing Bundt Cake in SLC

dax had a little present to open to be distracted enough to not open Cam's presents

Cake yum-yummy

Brin and the birthday boy
-------Cameron's 1st Birthday!!--------

Sorry I kinda forgot, okay maybe not forgot but I am just glad to finally getting this on here! We had a big family BBQ for the little guy's b-day-- Dayton put up a batmitten court in the backyard, complete with marking the court with "special" lawn spraypaint! Of course I made too much food ( I have a problem w/ always over doing it!) We were eating several kinds of salads for over a week! Nothing like a little potatoe salad to start your day! Cam loved opening the presents , loved the crunchy wrapping paper- But as all of us parents know, He only needed 1 present, The first one was all he was interested in. He wasn't as into the cake as Dax was at one but Cam still is weird about solids and has the worst gag reflex this side of the Mississippi! So in closing thank you to everyone who came!! It was awesome fun :)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Hulk........ Sleepy

While I was working the other night I got a picture message from Dayton who was home with the boys. Dax got to go swimming w/ Granny Robin all day and did not get his regular afternoon nap. Dayton made him some dinner and went to sit down on the couch to watch TV, Dax was talking & making noise, eating his nuggets when it went quite-- Dayton saw ( out of the corner of his eye) Dax lay his head down on his tray. He first thought he was being funny and called out his name a couple times.....No answer, Dayton walked over and took a picture of what he thought was fake-sleeping Dax but no no he was completely out so out that Dayton got him cleaned up, changed his diaper and put him in bed-- The caption above the picture dayton sent me was Hulk...Sleepy

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Celebrating My birthday w/ My Boys
I celebrated my birthday on the 4th and had an amazing day w/ Dayton and the boys! Dayton took the day off so we could go play, First things first had a hearty breakfast of Texas French Toast w/ buttermilk syrup and fruit and on to the Thanksgiving Point dinosaur museum we went, Once we walked through the doors Dax was already saying "wow" with his mouth wide open-- We let the big guy out of the stroller and he ran to everything so amazed-- So amazed that he looked up to see a scary prehistoric fish and I thought he was going to climb Dad like a mountain! We came home let the boys have a nap so Mom & Dad could go out to eat w/aunt Caitie keeping watch! Thanks Caitie we had fun :) Up next Cameron turns 1 tomorrow!!!!!!! So more cake eating pics are on there way!

I hate it when everybody is right......

So I did it.... I broke down and now am completley addicted ( like a crack head or something) to the Twilight Series......I know I know I am way behind the times. But with being a Mom now I haven't really kept up on my reading since Cam was born . Yeah I've read some shorter books this year on Abe Lincoln and the Donner party ( I a nerd for History, what can I say)--But since the Harry Potter series ended last year I haven't picked up anything over 200 pages but my curiosity has gotten the best of me. I started the first book on Sunday night and now have 80 pages of Eclipse left....And I am proud to say I only read when the boys are sleeping so in celebrating with the Summer games I decided I get a gold medal for being the coolest person I know......Okay not true but I may have even peeked Dayton's interested telling him it's a story about Vampires and Werewolves, So I keep you updated as to if I get him to read them or not :)

Monday, July 28, 2008

Here's the funny video of Dax!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Happy Birthday to our boy

Dax Henry Gardner

Today is Dax's 2nd birthday!! We had a fun day w/ a huge pancake breakfast, and then had my sister Haylee come over to watch Cam while Mom & Dad took Dax to see WALL E, He did pretty good but the last 20 min were a little tough :) Then home to collapse , when you nap at noon staying up til' 3 in the afternoon is tough!! We had a Lightening McQueen chocolate birthday cake which was probably his absolute favorite and he is really enjoying his new basketball hoop and t-ball set!! Here is a video from the other night of dayton throwing a ball up on the roof and Dax's reaction!! This is a perfect video to show what a sweetheart my baby is, Yeah I am unwilling to accept he is 2........It honestly feels like yesterday he was that 8 lb 5 oz 21 1/2 inch baby the doctor laid on my tummy!!! Okay the video is coming having some issues getting it on here! Anyone with tips on what program they use to shrink it down would be awesome :) So here are some Birthday cake shots instead

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Dayton's Miracle Shot!!!

This is a post that Dayton personally asked me to do tonight, and I obliged happily since this blogging thing is more my thing than his ( which isn't that always the case :)-- But he went golfing with the guys from work and he hit the golf ball with an 8 iron over 150 yards and this is where the golf ball landed!! I have to kind of laugh that this is the post Dayton wanted me to make not the kids doing something funny but his miracle shot, Boy do I love that guy or what!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Trip to Arizona

We were really fortunate to be able to head down to AZ last week, We left Tuesday Night but only drove to St. George to stay in my parents condo and it was up as early as we could drag ourselves out of bed to continue our 7+ hour trip. The boys did pretty good in the car , I had copied about three 4 hr DVD's Of Sesame Street so they just zoned out watching Elmo and friends. Upon arriving at Dayton's parents house we both lost about 5 lbs. from hauling our stuff into the house since it was a staggering 112 degrees outside!!! Man... I didn't know H**L was that close to home :) We spent as much time as possible in the pool, I was running around trying to make sure no body's (i.e. dayton and cam) SPF 50+ was wearing off too fast! The first day it took 4 hrs to get Dax confident enough to not cling to you like a little spider-monkey but man by the time we left on Monday he couldn't get out of the pool fast enough to jump to Dad! We found out Cameron is a fish, from the second he was in the water he didn't want any help from you! I was happy to get a little color even with wearing SPF30! Remember everyone, a great tan isn't worth jeopardizing your skin and ending up w/ skin cancer!! Okay I'll step off my soap box now.....But in closing had so much fun getting to see all our family, We miss them already :)

Monday, June 23, 2008

Summertime is finally here!!

For those of you that live in Utah you will know exactly what I am talking about-- It has been a long and somewhat painful winter this year....Did we even really have a Spring??? Well the Springville Art City Days Carnival came into town and we had a delightful time walking down to enjoy a navajo taco, cin/sugar pretzel and lots of other terrible carni-food!! I loved it! And at first Dax was scared by the loud noise coming from the rides but once we entered the kiddie ride area all that changed! He was trying real hard to get out of the stroller and I finally gave up the fight and Dayton took him over to see if he would get on a ride and not be upset...Mom was really wrong! He love love loved them! He rode about 4 total I would have let him ride more but each ride is like 3 bucks...Just letting that slip makes me realize I am getting older! Weren't rides like 50 cents back in the day at the 49TH Street Galleria!!! And in closing I saw enough 13 year old girls in daisy dukes with there butt-cheeks hanging out w/ a ciggarette in one hand and what I hope wasn't their baby in the other to last me a lifetime!! But then again there's always next year's Art City Days!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

This picture pretty much sums it up, Being (almost) 2 is REALLY hard!

For Mom's that is......No I was laughing pretty hard when I saw how perfect this picture turned out. Dax is really a sweet little boy, Just some days he likes to test Mom like any other toddler, I'm really trying to remember what set him off and now I'm pretty sure Cameron is in his Highchair to the left of Dax and Cam grabbed Dax plate of Chicken Nuggets and flung them on the floor, I wasn't really paying too much attention as I had the camera in my view ready to snap a photo of dax stuffing his cute face, seconds before this Dax was completly happy and smiling.....What damage a few seconds can do !!

Oh, Here is my new Do'-- I cut some bangs ( which are so "in" right now) added some layers and had my hair lightened to a golden brown and added blonde hi-lites to really brighten everything up--Mostly I wanted people to believe these two blonde boys were mine!! Doesn't Cam have the sweetest little face!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Yes I am a huge nerd! But I am so excited about this movie!!! But sadly I'm not seeing a midnight showing, But I am hoping to see it this weekend! But we'll see , Dayton's sister Chelsea is getting sealed in Manti on Friday Afternoon and the reception is the following evening, so that trumps going and seeing Indy- Yes I cried a bit, But i'm okay now- Naw....You know I'm kidding I'm still here wiping my tears.