Monday, June 23, 2008

Summertime is finally here!!

For those of you that live in Utah you will know exactly what I am talking about-- It has been a long and somewhat painful winter this year....Did we even really have a Spring??? Well the Springville Art City Days Carnival came into town and we had a delightful time walking down to enjoy a navajo taco, cin/sugar pretzel and lots of other terrible carni-food!! I loved it! And at first Dax was scared by the loud noise coming from the rides but once we entered the kiddie ride area all that changed! He was trying real hard to get out of the stroller and I finally gave up the fight and Dayton took him over to see if he would get on a ride and not be upset...Mom was really wrong! He love love loved them! He rode about 4 total I would have let him ride more but each ride is like 3 bucks...Just letting that slip makes me realize I am getting older! Weren't rides like 50 cents back in the day at the 49TH Street Galleria!!! And in closing I saw enough 13 year old girls in daisy dukes with there butt-cheeks hanging out w/ a ciggarette in one hand and what I hope wasn't their baby in the other to last me a lifetime!! But then again there's always next year's Art City Days!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

This picture pretty much sums it up, Being (almost) 2 is REALLY hard!

For Mom's that is......No I was laughing pretty hard when I saw how perfect this picture turned out. Dax is really a sweet little boy, Just some days he likes to test Mom like any other toddler, I'm really trying to remember what set him off and now I'm pretty sure Cameron is in his Highchair to the left of Dax and Cam grabbed Dax plate of Chicken Nuggets and flung them on the floor, I wasn't really paying too much attention as I had the camera in my view ready to snap a photo of dax stuffing his cute face, seconds before this Dax was completly happy and smiling.....What damage a few seconds can do !!

Oh, Here is my new Do'-- I cut some bangs ( which are so "in" right now) added some layers and had my hair lightened to a golden brown and added blonde hi-lites to really brighten everything up--Mostly I wanted people to believe these two blonde boys were mine!! Doesn't Cam have the sweetest little face!!