Monday, March 29, 2010

So 3 kids is (alot) more than 2 :)

Well on Saturday I had my first "Wow......3 kids is a lot more that 2 moment"....Well, everything is going pretty good, Yes I am a walking zombie but baby Gus is quickly turning into a little "fatty" and Dax is now potty-trained (thanks to Granny Robin!!) and Cam is being fed a regular diet of the 3 things he will eat! And the boys are being bathed on a regular basis...though I cannot quite say the same for myself ( kind if kidding, kind of not :)

Well, took a quick moment for use the restroom, came out and immediately realized it was too quiet. (Dayton had just left to pick up his new contacts, so I was by myself.) I discovered the front door was wide open ( Dax got a stool to unlock the top latch) and they ( Dax, Cam and our dog emmylou) were 2 houses down, neither had on any shoes or a jacket--Our dog was smart, she saw me turned around and headed back for the house. The boys saw me and had a totally different reaction...they started sprinting away from me! And with seeing me chasing them they began to see what a fun game we were playing and picked up speed-- Imagine me, no make-up, hair greased up in a pony, not really matching pj pants and shirt with no shoes on either running and screaming after two hooligans! After a full block, my neighbor Judy pulled up with her car just as we were getting to the busier road in my neighborhood and helped me grab Cameron--Dax was still running... and finally I tried some reverse psychology and yelled to him "Bye dax I'm going home" and that changed his demeanor! So we piled into Judy's car and headed home for what I telling them was BIG spankings! But upon getting home feeling like my uterus was going to fall out from running after them--I was too spent to do any real discipline--So first things first I need to start wearing adult diapers cuz' even the time it takes for me to hurry and use the restroom is enough time for all hell to break loose! Oh and a side note Emmylou upon turning around to come home was nearly backed over by someone pulling out of their driveway!

And in closing I am really proud of myself it took every ounce of self-restraint to not go and get a large carbonated soda!! ( with nursing I am not doing any caffeine) So any who just needed to share my crazy day and be able to kinda laugh at it now :) The picture of the two "criminals" is one that shows how anything can be a hat--even a couple of bank deposit bags!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Baby Gus Michael Gardner is here!!!

Our Little baby is here!! Gus Michael was born last Thursday March 11th at 10:33 am, He weighed 8 lbs and 2 oz and was 20 in long !! As it was no surprise to Dayton and me he has golden blond hair just like Dax and Cam did, He kinda has his own look but with the same nose and dimples as Dax and Cam's face shape--But of course he changes everyday :) His delivery went very smooth which I am so grateful for, The day before I was checked at the Dr.'s and was dilated to a 3 and was about 80% effaced ( I not really sure how that is spelled) He did the old "stripping" of my membranes which I think I saw stars....... Was sent home to see if anything happened--I was having contractions but nothing you would time-- So that evening I did my castor oil chocolate shake--Which I don't even want to think about......gag,gag! But I am officially 3 for 3 w/ the gross shake--I will add I was already starting the first stages of labor, but it sure kicks things up a notch! At about 2:30 am I woke up to what I knew were the real thing but was able to stay in bed okay, a little after 4 I got up and took a warm shower and just kinda said a little prayer wanting to know if it was time to wake up Dayton-- Yes was the thought I had immediately-- So we called my parents, got my little sisters over to be with the boys and away we went to the hospital. We got checked in at 5:30 and was put in bed to be monitored for that hour where they see if your "really" having a baby that day-- in the hour I went from a 4 1/2 to a almost a 6, so staying was what I was doing. Things were good, I could still communicate through my contractions and wasn't calling Dayton any names yet:) My Dr stopped in to see how I was and offered to break my water , I was only a 7 and was not really for the intensity of the contractions that come w/ doing that--about and hour and a half later, things were INTENSE and I turned on my side and felt the weirdest pop inside, and knowing I was pretty sure I hadn't wet myself--Nature had happened on it's own, and Holy Cuss did it--I felt Gus kinda move down and well.......that was it, I called for the epidural--I really wanted to do this on my own but I know I wasn't meant to be born in pioneer times so I wasn't also meant to have a baby the way those brave women did! I thank the Lord for that anestesiogist, I was kinda scared cuz' i was fully dilated and it still takes time for the medicine to take effect.....And feeling the urge to push and Dr. Weibell wasn't there yet! Well.....the pretty funny part was that my Dr. walked into the room at 10:31 and with 1 push, seriously 1 push Gus was here at 10:33!!! And being the champ I am, and probably because this was number 3, no stitches and my little baby looked awesome and was healthy! The two days in the hospital actually went by really fast this time and I was so happy to get home! Well, sleep is a privilege and I am slowly getting a little more each day, Gus is a great nurser which I am so happy about--With the other boys it was a struggle. He is a calm little guy, which Dayton's mom says "he knows he needs to be so his momma doesn't go crazy"-- The boys are getting use to him, The cutest thing was when we got home from the hospital and Gus was crying Dax wanted to know why he was crying and I told him he was hungry....So Dax goes to the fridge and gets the bread out and then goes to get the peanut butter and proceeds to try to make a sandwich!! Cute stuff :) And any chance that my breast pad is sitting on my lap Dax puts it on the baby's head (making Gus look like a little old Jewish man with his yamika) and laughs :) I will try to put photos up regularly with short little updates and so you can see how Gus grows and changes! Thank you to everyone foe the dinners, visits and treats!! xoxo