Monday, July 28, 2008

Here's the funny video of Dax!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Happy Birthday to our boy

Dax Henry Gardner

Today is Dax's 2nd birthday!! We had a fun day w/ a huge pancake breakfast, and then had my sister Haylee come over to watch Cam while Mom & Dad took Dax to see WALL E, He did pretty good but the last 20 min were a little tough :) Then home to collapse , when you nap at noon staying up til' 3 in the afternoon is tough!! We had a Lightening McQueen chocolate birthday cake which was probably his absolute favorite and he is really enjoying his new basketball hoop and t-ball set!! Here is a video from the other night of dayton throwing a ball up on the roof and Dax's reaction!! This is a perfect video to show what a sweetheart my baby is, Yeah I am unwilling to accept he is 2........It honestly feels like yesterday he was that 8 lb 5 oz 21 1/2 inch baby the doctor laid on my tummy!!! Okay the video is coming having some issues getting it on here! Anyone with tips on what program they use to shrink it down would be awesome :) So here are some Birthday cake shots instead

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Dayton's Miracle Shot!!!

This is a post that Dayton personally asked me to do tonight, and I obliged happily since this blogging thing is more my thing than his ( which isn't that always the case :)-- But he went golfing with the guys from work and he hit the golf ball with an 8 iron over 150 yards and this is where the golf ball landed!! I have to kind of laugh that this is the post Dayton wanted me to make not the kids doing something funny but his miracle shot, Boy do I love that guy or what!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Trip to Arizona

We were really fortunate to be able to head down to AZ last week, We left Tuesday Night but only drove to St. George to stay in my parents condo and it was up as early as we could drag ourselves out of bed to continue our 7+ hour trip. The boys did pretty good in the car , I had copied about three 4 hr DVD's Of Sesame Street so they just zoned out watching Elmo and friends. Upon arriving at Dayton's parents house we both lost about 5 lbs. from hauling our stuff into the house since it was a staggering 112 degrees outside!!! Man... I didn't know H**L was that close to home :) We spent as much time as possible in the pool, I was running around trying to make sure no body's (i.e. dayton and cam) SPF 50+ was wearing off too fast! The first day it took 4 hrs to get Dax confident enough to not cling to you like a little spider-monkey but man by the time we left on Monday he couldn't get out of the pool fast enough to jump to Dad! We found out Cameron is a fish, from the second he was in the water he didn't want any help from you! I was happy to get a little color even with wearing SPF30! Remember everyone, a great tan isn't worth jeopardizing your skin and ending up w/ skin cancer!! Okay I'll step off my soap box now.....But in closing had so much fun getting to see all our family, We miss them already :)