Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Yes I am a huge nerd! But I am so excited about this movie!!! But sadly I'm not seeing a midnight showing, But I am hoping to see it this weekend! But we'll see , Dayton's sister Chelsea is getting sealed in Manti on Friday Afternoon and the reception is the following evening, so that trumps going and seeing Indy- Yes I cried a bit, But i'm okay now- Naw....You know I'm kidding I'm still here wiping my tears.

Friday, May 16, 2008

My baby Cameron is now 9 months old!!!!

Our little sweetheart is now almost one! I really think this age could very well be my favorite, He is crawling with the help of his knees now and is pulling himself up on everything, Starting to get a little daring so I'm sure walking is around the corner! Cameron HATES any baby food, Yeah I keep trying to get him started on solids but when I give it to him he gags, shivers and looks at me like "what the h**l you trying to do, kill me??" We call him our little "monkey" cuz' he like to face you when you hold him and wraps his arm around your neck and loves to plant wet slobbery kisses, "open mouth" style on your cheek, forehead, your mouth ,everywhere, Even with the dog (a little gross, I try to step in as quick as I can)-- He never stops smiling...NEVER......Even with his 2 front teeth coming in!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Everybody needs to think about "getting some......"

No, No not that kinda "getting some" come on guys get your head out of the gutter...ha ha ha. No really I am encouraging everyone who hasn't already started using "reusable" grocery bags to try to do so. It is really starting to hit me (strait in the gut) how we are affecting the enviroment...I'm not getting on my soapbox , I guess since becoming a mom I realize my boys are going to be on this Earth way past my time and I hope the world isn't the wasteland the make it out to be in the Movies, So I found these bags online (www.bagsontherun.com), they are $19.90 for 10 bags and I have seen them even cheaper at Wal-mart & Target for 99 cents each!!! And I have learned to keep them in my car and I have them ready to use when I go to the store :)

Monday, May 5, 2008

Here comes the Mid-life Crisis...........
I mentioned my poor Husband's struggle with turning 30...Well I thought everyone would really get a kick out of seeing of the tale-tale signs. Dayton is a avid car guy, Always has been. We have made it a fun past time to go to Rocky Mountain Raceway in SLC and not just watched the Midnight Drag races but Dayton has raced in them also. He has has "turbo-charged" Pontiac Grand Prix for 6 years now, and was itching to get a new car...Well here is the new
one...I'm not kidding, But in about a month it will be painted black. I saw the Bishop at the garment store a couple of weeks ago and He asked if that was Dayton's new car....I'm pretty sure he was waiting for me to say no no I wouldn't let Dayton drive around w/ flames and a huge picture of Death on the hood of the car! But no I informed him it was now I'm sure the Bishop isn't sure of his decision to have called him to Elder's Quorom Secratary----he he he