Friday, August 13, 2010

Dax turned 4, Gus is 5 months old and Cameron is 3 on Sunday!!

We were getting ready for bed and Dax asked me if I could take a picture!!
And this is from today! Dax asked me the same thing:)

Whew......busy times at the Gardner House!! Dax turned 4 on July 22nd...I know I'm only 3 weeks posting about....Yeah I feel a little crappy about it! Every other year we have a scaled down birthday so this year we celebrated at home w/ just Grand-parents, Aunt Kathleen, our cousins Kinsley & Dave and some close friends that were visiting . We had a favorite at our house Indian Fry bread-it was awesome!!! We played some good ol' badminton in the backyard and had some customized cupcakes I decorated.....yes, I felt really crafty!!! Dax is such a sweetheart, he is really patient w/ Cam ( sometimes...well mostly I wouldn't even be as patient as he is with him) and He just loves baby Goose--always trying to get him to laugh and let's everyone know he is his!! And lastly his favorite sayin' is "holy shoot"--Thanks Mater!

Baby Gus is just getting bigger and bigger! He is topping in at 18lbs and I'll give you the other stats when we go to his appt. later this month. He is teething like a mad man so the poor guy has severe eczema on his hands from chewing on them ! He is just a big jolly boy! Always smiling and even with getting a bath every other day ( he has his mom's crocodile skin) he smells of what we call the "neck-cheese" smell--yeah sounds pretty gross but when your chin rests on your chest it's hard keeping that place moisture-free :) His hair is growing back in and yes folks my baby is staying strawberry blond!! Love it:)

Mr. Cam is as cute and wild as ever! He is going to be 3 on sunday!! Dayton recently showed him how to play a SpongeBob game on the XBOX and well...we have to set a 30min playtime timer cuz' I am scared to say we have a natural gamer on our hands......I'm from the old school so Mario Bros. is my extent of playing so the fact he can move the two lil' joysticks-1 to walk and the other to look around is crazy--It kinda blows my mind! He is talking alot!! It's taking a while but now he's a chatter-box and we love it!! Gotta figure out a way to get him interested in leaving the nest to go to pre-school...He is my little shadow:) We're headed to Pirate Island tonight so I promise to get some pics up later!! And lastly be careful's Friday the 13th!!!!