Saturday, May 14, 2011

What weight plateau??

     Well folks, I am proud to report that stopping any form of sugar and white flour going into my body has done the trick! I am back to losing and it's a great feeling let me tell you! I am weighing in at 180.5,which is a GRAND Total of 34.5 lbs-- which is close to having lost the amount of weight I would have on me carrying Cam around on my back!!!With that said I am very happy that my efforts are being rewarded greatly!!! This week was not too hard the only day that I was forgiving to myself was Mother's Day--  Starting with at church they gave the Mother's on the way out of Sacrament meeting a cute little gift bag with a Hersey's chocolate bar w/ almonds! And a magnet with the beautiful quote :"There is nothing in this world as personal,as nurturing, or as life changing as the influence of a righteous woman. All women have their divine nature both inherent talent and the stewardship to mother"--Elder M. Russell Ballard--  And with that said I really feel honored to be able to be the mother to my loving, sweethearts Dax, Cam and Goose! It was a near 5 year struggle to get Dax here but now my body sure knows how to get pregnant on it's own and for that I thank Heavenly Father. I have several close friends and family members who have not been able to conceive and I know from experience Mother's Day is not up there on the top of their list of days they look forward to, So dear Friends hang in there!! I know all of you will be able to have the chance to become Mom's yourselves, I love you and know that when the time is right (which unfortunately isn't sometimes when WE want it to be) it will happen and you will be AWESOME Mothers!! Don't get down, find joy and peace in the process--xoxoxo Candice

Saturday, May 7, 2011

The delayed weightloss Update :)

I had to add these..These are pictures that the boys took of each other! Cam's picture he took of Dax might be my favorite :)

Cam's official squinty eyed-smile!

Dayton's official B-day photo in front of the cake! The PB cup cake with chocolate ganache was F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!!! Amazing!! And no biggie to make :)
Goose is wondering "Why do you have the camera Dax...Momma's going to get mad"!!

Okay totally slacked on the weight loss update...I haven't fell off the wagon or anything ( if that's even how the saying goes) I have continued my workouts 5x a week, eating pretty sensibly blah blah blah--But I hit a plateau a couple weeks ago and tried to keep my cool--SO as of today I am 184....Yep if you read the last post I was a pound heavier than that..Boo!I keep reminding myself that in the last 6 months I have lost 30 lbs and  I do feel like clothes are fitting looser, so that 's the good thing. I decided my body had figured out my plan and has decided to secretly plot against me so what have I done to combat it's plans? I started as of Thursday--No sugar, No white flour, only protein, fruits/veggies, LOTS of H20 ( which on day 1 there was a suprise birthday party for a neighbor..can we say chocolate cake and I didn't succumb!!!) and I think I need to change up my workouts! I have been doing the Zumba Toning instead of just regular Zumba--It's Zumba with 3lb. weights and Holy Crappers!Does it kick my booty!! I have tried to continue my struggle with running......I am at a 13.40 mile...Yeah and about 5 days ago my knees have started to give me grief :( So I am trying not to cry into a half gallon of cookie dough ice cream, Wish me luck!! No really I am feeling really good and even though I am not enjoying my afternoon cocktail i.e. a fabulous ice cold Diet Coke, I am doing good and good I mean not feeling deprived and taking out my frustrations on the boys :) I have realized I am a total "boredom" eater! I eat out of there's nothing keeping me occupied which I scoff at cuz' half the time I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off so go figure :) Mexico is also looming over me like a raincloud--Not that I'm not excited I just am not ready to walk around in my bathing suit sans a cover-up -...So really hoping to lose even 8-ish more lbs before the trip.....With the weather warming up here it's easy to keep really busy with my boys loving their Easter bikes and us going on walks everyday and mentally the warm weather has been really refreshing!!SO Mother Nature please keep it coming:) and a side note to the testament of how long this winter has been..The snow pack on Mt Timp,  here in Provo hasn't even begun to melt....Flooding is not a possibility its a reality this year!! Any who, I plan on trying to do what my girlfriend Becca does and update every Saturday on what's happening! I do believe the positive comments are huge in continuing weightloss success!!......Current photo below :P
 Im feeling good, just ready for a little tan to hide the cellulite!! Sorry but that's the truth....a tan hides inperfections--So on monday Im visiting the spray-booth :)