Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Okay...I haven't been very good at this!

I do believe "blogs" are really awesome! It is how I catch up on what my friends and family are up to, I 'm just "special" and didn't quite know what I was doing so now we are all good!

What's new with us.......Dax is almost 21 mon. now, He is very curious about anything and everything. He is constantly testing the "child proof" latches and door knobs to see if he can out smart them, and most of the time he does! He is wearing 4T clothes! He stands at 3 feet tall and comes in at a slender 32 lbs!-- Cameron is 8 months old today! And is getting around doing the army crawl-- He watches his big brother w/ amazement and Dax is starting to notice this little guy worships any little bit of attention he will give him :) Dayton is working hard, He is still a Morgage Broker and now is venturing into doing Auto loans as well. His 3oth birthday is the 28th of this month and somebody is feeling it, He has stated back to the gym with full force and recently got a new car that is fast and cool, So pretty much I am waiting for the tattoo--NOT! Well...that leaves me .....I am chasing these little boys around and my meals consist of what falls off the highchairs-- No,no I really love being home, but I am about to go back to Best Buy for a night or two a week, I really miss the discount and having experienced how awesome it is I refuse to buy certain things w/o it! And this fall I'm going to start taking a class this semester at UVSC or online at BYU-- Exciting I Know!!