Monday, December 20, 2010

Dads are Awesome!!

Is it just me or do all Dad's do awesome random activities when you go to Walmart?? Gus and me went to brave the crazy Christmas shoppers to get some well needed necessities and this is what we came home to!! Dayton said he wanted to make a snowman today but I really didn't think it was gonna happen--  And especially not this good! He sprayed the colors with a water bottle mixture of water & food coloring!! Dax was extra pleased telling Dad " That's the best snowman Dad, I wove it!"--

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

DisneyLand November 2010

Well it was our favorite time of year again to hit up ol' Walt Disney's theme park!! What was extra fun is Dax remembered what Disneyland is so he was EXTRA excited and asked me everyday since Halloween when we were going! We drove out in this......
No I'm not kidding.....Dayton has a side hobby,buying and fixing cars-- So we decided why not travel in fierce style and luxury :) And yes I know what your thinking..It was AWESOME! The boys meaning Dax and Cam did not have to sit by each other so no fist fights broke out!!
We did have the longest drive of our life on the way there, Once we hit Vegas ALL and I mean ALL traffic came to a screeching halt! Everybody was heading home to California :( So instead of taking 9 1/2 to get there we hit 14 1/2 (Ugh!!)
But we all crashed and were ready (woke up to Dax sitting in his stroller ready to go at like 6...said "sorry buddy go back to bed the park isn't open yet!)
We were VERY lucky that Grandma Robin came with us and even Grandpa made an appearance one of the days!! We had a blast Dax is a crazy can't get enough of the rides fool!! He LOVES Thunder Railroad, Space Mountain and Matterhorn but hands down his favorite was....Pirates of the Caribbean!!!

Cameron took a little longer to warm up..He is scared of "It's a Small World" so finally by the end of day 2, He seemed to finally be having fun!
Our Baby Goose loved it too!! He was Mr. curious on any ride we took him on ( Haunted Mansion, Pirates, Winnie the Pooh) He couldn't look around fast enough!
The weather was great, A little chilly in the mornings and at night but nothing to what we left behind in Utah :)

 And a personal highlight was Captain EO was back at the park...Mind you the last time I saw it was nearly 25 years ago!!!  And being the MJ fan that I am I am not ashamed to say I got teary eyed watching it.....I know I don't know why either... :)

Well here's some more pics to enjoy!!! Here's one amazing tid-bit to share--Gus slept through the night there in California ( this has not been a normal occurrence back home) And upon returning home He has continued this....HALLELUJAH!!! My prayers have been answered!!! Thank you Thank you Heavenly Father!!!! And with that I say AMEN :) xoxo

Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Card Preview

Here's the Christmas Card Preview...and yes this REALLY is the one you'll all be receiving!! Kids...gotta just laugh at whatever they do :)