Friday, April 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Dayton!!

It's my dear sweet Husband's 33rd birthday today!! I wanted to tell him how much I love him and how happy and lucky I feel to be have him to spend my life with!! Last night I reminded Dax it was Dad's bithday tomorrow and his reply was "Mom, we gotta go to the store and get him a toy"-- What's perfect about that is Dayton is a total kid at heart & I bet money whatever Dax would have picked out it would have been his favorite present :) Dayton is the kind of person who since we have been together ( almost 11 yrs) I think I've seen him in a bad mood maybe twice! He is always quick to drop whatever he is doing when either myself or our boys need his help :) He always been right in the thick of it with me changing the poopey diapers, wiping runny noses, starting laundry ( and is the first to grab a basket to fold while we watch a movie at night). He is Mr.Fix-it and if a toy or something breaks Dax reassures me "Dad will fix it"-- I love you Dayton and hope today feels like a extra special day!!xoxo-- P.S. Im making a new Reese's PB Chocolate cake with ganache--wish me luck it turns out perfect!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hmm...Dax says Dad opened this....

So had a good laugh at my eldest son, I opened our drawer that has treats in it sometimes and this is what I found :)
Upon asking Dax "What happened looks like a crazy rabbit or something got ahold of this box and ate it's way to get to the krabby patties"-- He calmly replied " Daddy opened it Mom!"-- And to that I asked "Are you sure buddy?"-- Then he said "I think it was Goose"-- trying not to laugh I asked how could the baby get into the drawer it's way too high up-- He then said Goose pushed a stool over and climbed up :)-- I'm thinking "Yeah Dax..that's totally what happened"-- Well..I asked a third time and truth set him free--"I did it Mom"--And I said That's what I thought and assured him I was not mad and thank you for telling the truth :)-- This is the first time he's ever "fibbed" and I'm hoping he sees that telling the truth isn't scary :)
And just cuz' they're adorable here is pictures I took this morning of the boys sitting together-- Notice Cam's smile...Yeah that's his picture smile--pretty hilarious! And Gus looks like he's staring into the sun--***I am so lucky to have these cute faces looking at me day after day!!***

Gus inner dialogue: "oh it's sooo bright....Is that you mom"