Sunday, November 15, 2009

Back from the Magic Kingdom

Just gonna post a couple pictures....I'll get on here in a couple days after we get some real sleep, settled and the mountain of laundry that you acquire after a week away from home is washed and put away and get Dax off to his first ever week at preschool!!......And if your wondering if we had fun? Heck yes!! It was a blast!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Playing catch up and some Big News!

Wow I just saw I haven't been on here since July 1st!! Crazy well lots has happened since then--Dax had a moment of insanity and broke our camera so thank goodness for Dayton's blackberry and its decent picture taking abilities. We had a great summer of being outdoors and good ol' seven peaks it only took Cam half the summer and he finally got brave enough to follow his "fish" of a brother around! I spent the last part of summer pretty sick......Don't worry no swine flu here just the first trimester of pregnancy which in my case I kinda want to crawl in a hole and pray I fall into a deep sleep til' about 16 weeks and emerge a normal, non-nauseous wife and mother :) We found out about a week ago we are going to have a BOY!!! So now the hard part is coming up with a name Dayton and me agree on......Hmm, more on that later- We are going to fast-forward to Halloween! Which at our house we absolutely love :) Cameron was as his loving father called him "count-dorkula" and Dax was "Skele-turd"--otherwise known as DRacula and a Skeleton-- Dayton is a crazy pumpkin craving fool, if he could make a living at it he would in a heartbeat! He carved me a special Michael Jackson tribute pumpkin as you will see below, i absolutely loved it!! Dayton and me dressed full-out but forgot to get pictures...I know my plan is to get a nice camera for Christmas :) I really plan on making blogging part of my routine again for I love those of you who are dedicated!! We leave this Saturday for a trip to Arizona and on to Disneyland!!! We are so excited to have break from life and spend some time all together in our favorite place-So I'll have pics up in a couple weeks-- :)