Tuesday, March 6, 2012

It's a .............

We are very happy to announce we will be bringing home a baby boy! I'm due July 20th! Been feeling really good so I'm A person again :) So glad that parts over and able to not just want to lay on the couch! Sorry Dayton and boys, Mom is back!! We both are looking forward to seeing what this little guy looks like...dark hair, my guess is no way the Gardner genes dominate!! Will be shocked too if we get another blue eyed boy....nature says thats impossible:) telling the boys today that we get to bring home a baby brother, Dax wondered where he was and wanted him here now :)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fall family pictures!

Still need to write actual events and stories here....... Here's the photos that sound have been part of our Christmas card....it just never happened! I blame having had the paper route :)

Friday, January 13, 2012

Yes blogspot You have been forgotten

Not going to be saying a whole lot right now other than life's been busy this last fall but things are slowing down so my plan is to regularly update this poor neglected blog.....here's a glimpse at our Halloween!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Cam is 4 and i turned the big 3-0!!

Day 1

First Day at home

This kid's hair was awesome
2 months old in Mexico

Blessing Day

This is my favorite picturer of these two clowns

Cam was chubby for 0.1 seconds..This is the proof!
Yes folks you read that right..I'm 30 :) Bring on the mid-life crisis..NOT! I have no hang-ups about age-- I've felt middle-aged since about 8th grade so now it's nice to actually feel my age and I feel G-R-E-A-T! and now on to MORE important things! My sweet sweet Cam is 4 years old!! I am sorry to say his birthday was last Monday and I am now just posting this..Lameo-Mom !!
     After Dax's birthday last month Cameron started asking about his birthday and I was happy to say it's around the corner buddy!! He said he wanted friends and cake just like his brother's party!! Which is cute cuz' that kid is really shy...doesn't care for crowds but he rocked it out at Dax's party and was ready for his own special day!!! This kid is the kid that tells me "I Love you Mom" at least 3 times a day! Every night before bed he says "Okay Mom, 2 hugs and 2 kisses"--He loves to snuggle and is just a joy to call my son! He loves teasing Dax and can get him mad faster than anyone-- I am constantly catching that kid in the bathroom making faces at himself ( laughing I might add)- So I think we might have a little clown in the making :) He is our accident prone child..crossing my fingers no broken bones anytime soon! WE LOVE YOU CAM!!! Love Daddy, Mom, Dax, Gooose and Emmylou!!xoxo

Friday, July 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Dax!!!

Day 1

Dax's foot is legendary in our family!! It's always been huge!

Granny Robin and Dax 2 mon

cousins!! Jonah and Dax

1 year old

Cam's blessing day

Being a little naughty


Disneyland 2008

Dade, Dax and Tayen Mexico 2010


Birthday day 4 yrs old

Dax and baby goose

Fall 2010

December Disneyland 2010

Feb 2011

Spring 2011

May 2011

Mexico 2011

Mexico 2011-- on the boy's boat trip!
     Well today is one of those bittersweet days...My firstborn son is 5 years old today!!! I'm having a couple of teary moments, mostly because it really does feel like yesterday he was born and we were embarking on a new life as parents!! I love this big guy so much! He is such the older brother, He loves his brothers and is the one they both want to follow and do what he does :) He is always trying to get Cam and Goose to laugh..So we might have a little class clown in the making. He is always smiling that deep dimpled smile and as you can guess it's hard to discipline the kid at times :) He is so loving and just loves to cuddle, which I hope never changes...But I know that day will get here eventually. He is his Dad's son as he loves to help Dad work on cars--Loves tools...a recent happening was he saw our neighbors working on their sprinklers so he went home and filled up his Hot wheel with tools and drove over to see if he could help! Love that boy :) Happy Birthday Dax Henry Gardner-- Your Mom, Dad and brothers love you!!xoxo

Sunday, June 12, 2011

San Carlos 2011

WEERRREEE BBBACCKK!!! We made our annual trek to San Carlos, Mexico this past week :) It was no surprising awesome! It seemed to take forever for the trip to get here but then the night before we set off for Arizona I was frantically trying to finish the dreaded packing(note to readers...I DESPISE PACKING) and with having a very full week before of hair clients, I would be lying if I said all the laundry was washed, the house was cleaned and I was a nice mother and wife......But everybody survived my craziness and we spent a couple days in AZ before the next leg of our trip. We spent the week working on our tans, enjoying each others company and indulging in food we had all been depriving ourselves leading up to this week of wearing only your "birthday..er bathing suit"- We went on our deep sea fishing trip and had a successful time as everybody was bringing up multiple fish on the same cast!! We headed to the aquarium to do some snorkeling but were sad to find with the windy weather the days before we got there had stirred up the seafloor and it was so cloudy you could barely see your hand in front of you. So it was straight to OUR favorite part of our boat ride--The native crew cooks up the BEST fish tacos you have ever eaten!!! They are divine--And after the long morning you eat then like it's your last meal!! My baby Goose would not even try to take a nap on the boat so upon getting back to the condo the little rascal took a 5 hour nap!!!We learned that Dax could spent from 6 in the morning to 6 at night on the beach or at the pool--His AMAZING tan speaks for it's self along with his hair is practically bleach blond!! He's pretty cute! Cam was Cam the first day..not wanting to try anything new but soon realized all the fun that is to be had playing in the ocean and swimming in the pool! Gus was a perfect angel, wearing himself out being outdoors and sleeping like a champ for close to 12+ hours each night!!! I will report that we saw nothing scary in Mexico--My Dad was not happy we were going, But with prayers in our hearts we had no difficulties and made it safely back to the US of A with no problems- I am really glad to be home--Well kind of home, We are in Arizona til' Tuesday, taking a break from another long car ride :) Thank you to April and Kinsley for lending me adorable swimsuits and clothes, I looked quite attractive I must add :)
This kid had sand in places I shall not speak of!

Dax having the time of his life

Smiley Cam!

If you look close you can see the sand at the corners of his mouth...Yummy sand in my tummy!

Still shocked at Cam's braveness in this picture!

Gardner Boys-Dax, Gus, Dade, George, Tayen and Cam

HE didn't care for his life jacket!

an hour into the boat trip.......And he stayed that way til' we docked, 4 hrs later :)

Up top on the boat upper level

Everytime you turned around Cam was going potty....Trying to explain we don't do that outside.

The whole family--Notice my middle son laying on the ground pouting and Dayton resting his foot on him....

The official weight-loss picture--176lbs.

Dinner at Rosa's Cantina--Best Tortilla soup!

Dinner at Blackie's- I enjoyed the Lobster crapes!

Thank you to Mom and Pops for the best vacation--WE LOVE YOU!!

This picture kinda melts my heart!

Grandma and the "Twins"-- Gus and George were born 3 weeks apart to the day