Saturday, November 22, 2008

My dear sweet husband cried tears of joy this morning, His eldest son Dax has embraced the ways of his Father........He was completely fascinated with "Monster Trucks"---A side note I catch Dayton looking up go-carts for the boys and him like a minimum of 2-3 a week!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Well Folks......Times are pretty bad when signs like this are posted by your local Stake center.......what do you think ??? I'm kinda feeling like it's the 1800's or something!

Monday, November 3, 2008

........................................................HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!
Do I love the 31st of October?? Oh yeah! It really might be my favorite holiday of the year! We had a great time taking my little sisters Haylee and Brin along with the star of the night, Dax!! He caught on like it was his 10th Halloween not his 1st ( well second but this year he was game). He only had to venture to the first house to understand that if you say Trick-o-treat; people will hand you delicious sweets, and because your just a little guy they will let you reach into the bowl and get not just one but a minimum of 5 treats!! Nobody stopped him, I mean nobody!! So now like every other Mom......I am dealing with the "evil" Dax! What is evil Dax, you ask--it's the monster that lives inside my little sweetheart. And the secret trigger that sets the monster loose......That d*mn
candy!! I can't think of a place yet that he hasn't sniffed it out! So maybe I'll just eat it all myself, yeah that sounds like a great idea :)
Oh in case you are like what the heck are you guys dressed up as-- Dayton is the Mad Scientist, I'm his foxy lab assistant and the boys are our experiments gone wrong....Frankenstein and and a "little monster".