Thursday, August 28, 2008

Nana Bo and cam

Granny Robin brought this sweet birthday cake-from Nothing Bundt Cake in SLC

dax had a little present to open to be distracted enough to not open Cam's presents

Cake yum-yummy

Brin and the birthday boy
-------Cameron's 1st Birthday!!--------

Sorry I kinda forgot, okay maybe not forgot but I am just glad to finally getting this on here! We had a big family BBQ for the little guy's b-day-- Dayton put up a batmitten court in the backyard, complete with marking the court with "special" lawn spraypaint! Of course I made too much food ( I have a problem w/ always over doing it!) We were eating several kinds of salads for over a week! Nothing like a little potatoe salad to start your day! Cam loved opening the presents , loved the crunchy wrapping paper- But as all of us parents know, He only needed 1 present, The first one was all he was interested in. He wasn't as into the cake as Dax was at one but Cam still is weird about solids and has the worst gag reflex this side of the Mississippi! So in closing thank you to everyone who came!! It was awesome fun :)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Hulk........ Sleepy

While I was working the other night I got a picture message from Dayton who was home with the boys. Dax got to go swimming w/ Granny Robin all day and did not get his regular afternoon nap. Dayton made him some dinner and went to sit down on the couch to watch TV, Dax was talking & making noise, eating his nuggets when it went quite-- Dayton saw ( out of the corner of his eye) Dax lay his head down on his tray. He first thought he was being funny and called out his name a couple times.....No answer, Dayton walked over and took a picture of what he thought was fake-sleeping Dax but no no he was completely out so out that Dayton got him cleaned up, changed his diaper and put him in bed-- The caption above the picture dayton sent me was Hulk...Sleepy

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Celebrating My birthday w/ My Boys
I celebrated my birthday on the 4th and had an amazing day w/ Dayton and the boys! Dayton took the day off so we could go play, First things first had a hearty breakfast of Texas French Toast w/ buttermilk syrup and fruit and on to the Thanksgiving Point dinosaur museum we went, Once we walked through the doors Dax was already saying "wow" with his mouth wide open-- We let the big guy out of the stroller and he ran to everything so amazed-- So amazed that he looked up to see a scary prehistoric fish and I thought he was going to climb Dad like a mountain! We came home let the boys have a nap so Mom & Dad could go out to eat w/aunt Caitie keeping watch! Thanks Caitie we had fun :) Up next Cameron turns 1 tomorrow!!!!!!! So more cake eating pics are on there way!

I hate it when everybody is right......

So I did it.... I broke down and now am completley addicted ( like a crack head or something) to the Twilight Series......I know I know I am way behind the times. But with being a Mom now I haven't really kept up on my reading since Cam was born . Yeah I've read some shorter books this year on Abe Lincoln and the Donner party ( I a nerd for History, what can I say)--But since the Harry Potter series ended last year I haven't picked up anything over 200 pages but my curiosity has gotten the best of me. I started the first book on Sunday night and now have 80 pages of Eclipse left....And I am proud to say I only read when the boys are sleeping so in celebrating with the Summer games I decided I get a gold medal for being the coolest person I know......Okay not true but I may have even peeked Dayton's interested telling him it's a story about Vampires and Werewolves, So I keep you updated as to if I get him to read them or not :)