Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Halloween pics, Gus 8 mon.old!

Halloween pics, Gus is 8 mon. old
Well since it's gonna be time to put up Christmas pictures in like a week I thought I better get our Halloween ones up here pronto!! We like usual had a great Halloween! The boys were pretty excited to get all the candy their little hearts could ever want...Too bad their Mom is the candy Nazi who rations that stuff like it's the Depression--But only for their own good:) I had a awesome idea for costumes for us but life was just too busy so we went with some oldies but goodies and will save my awesome idea for next year! We had a great time at our Trunk-o-Treat, last year we won first prize so Dayton was ready to take the cake the second year in a row! But sadly they never said there was a winner..Dayton might still be pouting about it a little. And as all of you in Utah know we celebrated on the Saturday, that morning the weather looked great and since I had almost ran out of candy at the trunk-or-treat I decided we really needed to stock up for the night so pretty much after walking out of Rite-Aid w/ 10 yes 10 bags of candy ( I have started couponing so really the candy cost me like 40 cents a bag) the weather turned into something absolutely ridiculous even by Utah standards!! There was rain, winds that could blow your Halloween decorations to Kingdom come, Hail.....crazy, crazy, crazy!! So with that we got 7 trick-or-treaters...So anyone want to come over and take the other 9 bags of candy off my hands for me:) Oh almost forgot probably the coolest thing i have done in awhile...NOT :) So At preschool they sent a note home saying that the kids could dress up on what I clearly remember reading as Thursday...Dax goes Tues/Thurs so Tuesday was a normal day...He caught the bus as usual blah, blah, blah. Then Thursday is here we put his Dracula outfit on, and of course when your Dracula you need your black hair with the overdone widows peak, right? So as you can see he was so so so cute I couldn't stop laughing every time I looked at him. And then I can't remember if their suppose to bring a treat w/ them..So I call my girlfriend Erin who's son is in Dax's class and she says "Well, with the Halloween party they had on Tuesday, that stuff's all done"...Um what!?!? So yeah they were suppose to dress up on Tuesday....not Thursday :) So the bus comes to pick up Dracula...and needless to say they had a good laugh at my expense :) So all day all I can imagine is at school some preschooler ( cuz' this is how 4 year old speak to one another) asking Dax "So are not dressed up because you guys Jehovah Witnesses or something?"-- Anyway....I sent a change of clothes if it was too distracting to have a vampire in your class with you!~