Monday, December 20, 2010

Dads are Awesome!!

Is it just me or do all Dad's do awesome random activities when you go to Walmart?? Gus and me went to brave the crazy Christmas shoppers to get some well needed necessities and this is what we came home to!! Dayton said he wanted to make a snowman today but I really didn't think it was gonna happen--  And especially not this good! He sprayed the colors with a water bottle mixture of water & food coloring!! Dax was extra pleased telling Dad " That's the best snowman Dad, I wove it!"--

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

DisneyLand November 2010

Well it was our favorite time of year again to hit up ol' Walt Disney's theme park!! What was extra fun is Dax remembered what Disneyland is so he was EXTRA excited and asked me everyday since Halloween when we were going! We drove out in this......
No I'm not kidding.....Dayton has a side hobby,buying and fixing cars-- So we decided why not travel in fierce style and luxury :) And yes I know what your thinking..It was AWESOME! The boys meaning Dax and Cam did not have to sit by each other so no fist fights broke out!!
We did have the longest drive of our life on the way there, Once we hit Vegas ALL and I mean ALL traffic came to a screeching halt! Everybody was heading home to California :( So instead of taking 9 1/2 to get there we hit 14 1/2 (Ugh!!)
But we all crashed and were ready (woke up to Dax sitting in his stroller ready to go at like 6...said "sorry buddy go back to bed the park isn't open yet!)
We were VERY lucky that Grandma Robin came with us and even Grandpa made an appearance one of the days!! We had a blast Dax is a crazy can't get enough of the rides fool!! He LOVES Thunder Railroad, Space Mountain and Matterhorn but hands down his favorite was....Pirates of the Caribbean!!!

Cameron took a little longer to warm up..He is scared of "It's a Small World" so finally by the end of day 2, He seemed to finally be having fun!
Our Baby Goose loved it too!! He was Mr. curious on any ride we took him on ( Haunted Mansion, Pirates, Winnie the Pooh) He couldn't look around fast enough!
The weather was great, A little chilly in the mornings and at night but nothing to what we left behind in Utah :)

 And a personal highlight was Captain EO was back at the park...Mind you the last time I saw it was nearly 25 years ago!!!  And being the MJ fan that I am I am not ashamed to say I got teary eyed watching it.....I know I don't know why either... :)

Well here's some more pics to enjoy!!! Here's one amazing tid-bit to share--Gus slept through the night there in California ( this has not been a normal occurrence back home) And upon returning home He has continued this....HALLELUJAH!!! My prayers have been answered!!! Thank you Thank you Heavenly Father!!!! And with that I say AMEN :) xoxo

Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Card Preview

Here's the Christmas Card Preview...and yes this REALLY is the one you'll all be receiving!! Kids...gotta just laugh at whatever they do :)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Halloween pics, Gus 8 mon.old!

Halloween pics, Gus is 8 mon. old
Well since it's gonna be time to put up Christmas pictures in like a week I thought I better get our Halloween ones up here pronto!! We like usual had a great Halloween! The boys were pretty excited to get all the candy their little hearts could ever want...Too bad their Mom is the candy Nazi who rations that stuff like it's the Depression--But only for their own good:) I had a awesome idea for costumes for us but life was just too busy so we went with some oldies but goodies and will save my awesome idea for next year! We had a great time at our Trunk-o-Treat, last year we won first prize so Dayton was ready to take the cake the second year in a row! But sadly they never said there was a winner..Dayton might still be pouting about it a little. And as all of you in Utah know we celebrated on the Saturday, that morning the weather looked great and since I had almost ran out of candy at the trunk-or-treat I decided we really needed to stock up for the night so pretty much after walking out of Rite-Aid w/ 10 yes 10 bags of candy ( I have started couponing so really the candy cost me like 40 cents a bag) the weather turned into something absolutely ridiculous even by Utah standards!! There was rain, winds that could blow your Halloween decorations to Kingdom come, Hail.....crazy, crazy, crazy!! So with that we got 7 trick-or-treaters...So anyone want to come over and take the other 9 bags of candy off my hands for me:) Oh almost forgot probably the coolest thing i have done in awhile...NOT :) So At preschool they sent a note home saying that the kids could dress up on what I clearly remember reading as Thursday...Dax goes Tues/Thurs so Tuesday was a normal day...He caught the bus as usual blah, blah, blah. Then Thursday is here we put his Dracula outfit on, and of course when your Dracula you need your black hair with the overdone widows peak, right? So as you can see he was so so so cute I couldn't stop laughing every time I looked at him. And then I can't remember if their suppose to bring a treat w/ them..So I call my girlfriend Erin who's son is in Dax's class and she says "Well, with the Halloween party they had on Tuesday, that stuff's all done"...Um what!?!? So yeah they were suppose to dress up on Tuesday....not Thursday :) So the bus comes to pick up Dracula...and needless to say they had a good laugh at my expense :) So all day all I can imagine is at school some preschooler ( cuz' this is how 4 year old speak to one another) asking Dax "So are not dressed up because you guys Jehovah Witnesses or something?"-- Anyway....I sent a change of clothes if it was too distracting to have a vampire in your class with you!~

Friday, October 15, 2010

Patient Gus Gardner

Well here is what could be the cutest melt my heart pictures of my 7, yes 7 month old baby Goose!! And the poor guy had to ring in his 7 month old status needing to get tubes in his ears.....:( The little man has had seven, yes seven ( I'm having deja vu) ear infection since he was born. So Dr. Clayton said it's time he see a ENT--So 4 days later we saw Dr. Beus and the 2 days later we were up at dawn's crack at Utah Valley Hospital with our little man who had the worst night ever...Finally got to bed just before 1 am only to have Mom wake him up at 5:30 am and I couldn't give him a baba ( That's another sad moment...Gus is weaned and I really think it's because it hurt his ears :( It was a little surreal for me to put him in his baby size hospital gown...and also I couldn't keep the smile off my face, Cuz' as you can see he's just ADORABLE!

It was really fast, I mean I felt like he was out of our sight for like 5 minutes. And happy to report he wasn't to sad coming out of anesthesia, I heard some horror stories about kids really hysterical so I was freaking out a little. But all went great and even by the middle of the day he was napping like he never has before!! And besides having teething symptoms coming on now, He is just so stinkin' Happy!! So thank you Dr. Beus!! And also here at our house Halloween is in full affect, Here's the first of the 7, yes 7 pumpkins we have to carve!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My baby is already 6 months old!!

"I'd smile but my gums are killing me and my ear aches"
Well were half way to 1 can you believe it!!!! I can't and refuse too! Our little baby turned 6 month old on September 11th--it' s a sad day to share your half birthday with. He celebrated by going on a little family trip with friends to a cabin in Nephi cabin. We had so much fun the only downer was all of us except dayton coming home with bad colds and an ear infection for baby Goose......But were all on the mend! Gus had his 6 mon well-child visit yesterday--


weight: 19lbs 7.5 ounces 70 % percentile

height: 27 1/2 inch 70% percentile

head: 45.2 85% percentile ( so he's prob gonna be like his "big" headed brother Cam :)

As you can see he's a growing baby, He loves to grab his toes and roll from side to side, He's kinda sitting up, we figure it's a little tough when your on the chubby side- he he he--We didn't get shots seeing as he's under the weather, So we'll head back next week......Ugh I hate seeing my babies get shots!! Well, were are really excited that Halloween is around the corner...We Gardner's do it up big so we'll keep you posted...get it "posted"--

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Um...No thanks :)

Our son Cameron really does have some good manners, He says "excuse me", "thank you", "please" and when you tell him it's time for bed this is what he says...........

Friday, August 13, 2010

Dax turned 4, Gus is 5 months old and Cameron is 3 on Sunday!!

We were getting ready for bed and Dax asked me if I could take a picture!!
And this is from today! Dax asked me the same thing:)

Whew......busy times at the Gardner House!! Dax turned 4 on July 22nd...I know I'm only 3 weeks posting about....Yeah I feel a little crappy about it! Every other year we have a scaled down birthday so this year we celebrated at home w/ just Grand-parents, Aunt Kathleen, our cousins Kinsley & Dave and some close friends that were visiting . We had a favorite at our house Indian Fry bread-it was awesome!!! We played some good ol' badminton in the backyard and had some customized cupcakes I decorated.....yes, I felt really crafty!!! Dax is such a sweetheart, he is really patient w/ Cam ( sometimes...well mostly I wouldn't even be as patient as he is with him) and He just loves baby Goose--always trying to get him to laugh and let's everyone know he is his!! And lastly his favorite sayin' is "holy shoot"--Thanks Mater!

Baby Gus is just getting bigger and bigger! He is topping in at 18lbs and I'll give you the other stats when we go to his appt. later this month. He is teething like a mad man so the poor guy has severe eczema on his hands from chewing on them ! He is just a big jolly boy! Always smiling and even with getting a bath every other day ( he has his mom's crocodile skin) he smells of what we call the "neck-cheese" smell--yeah sounds pretty gross but when your chin rests on your chest it's hard keeping that place moisture-free :) His hair is growing back in and yes folks my baby is staying strawberry blond!! Love it:)

Mr. Cam is as cute and wild as ever! He is going to be 3 on sunday!! Dayton recently showed him how to play a SpongeBob game on the XBOX and well...we have to set a 30min playtime timer cuz' I am scared to say we have a natural gamer on our hands......I'm from the old school so Mario Bros. is my extent of playing so the fact he can move the two lil' joysticks-1 to walk and the other to look around is crazy--It kinda blows my mind! He is talking alot!! It's taking a while but now he's a chatter-box and we love it!! Gotta figure out a way to get him interested in leaving the nest to go to pre-school...He is my little shadow:) We're headed to Pirate Island tonight so I promise to get some pics up later!! And lastly be careful's Friday the 13th!!!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Can you spot what these pictures have in common?

Here is a picture of Dax at 9 mon old..............

Here is a picture of Cameron taken last week....................................Can you spot the difference?

Monday, July 12, 2010

Baby Gus is 4 months old!

Our "little" man Gus is turning out to follow in the footsteps of his older brother Dax and those footsteps are cute big chubby ones! Dax's feet looked just like this, Cameron's were normal and in normal I mean he could wear shoes. Dax couldn't fit into shoes til like 18 mon. and by the looks of Gus' foot, we're on the same track :) He's weighing in at right around 16 lbs and is about 26' inches tall, We'll see the Dr later this month to get the stats. He starts cereal this week so I'm thinking this jolly rosy cheeked baby is going to be a happy camper with trying something new to eat!! His hair is still looking red and the baby blue are hanging around as well--We call him our little Irishman :)

Friday, July 2, 2010

Oh how my boys are getting bigger??

This first picture was about two years ago on a walk up Provo Canyon......

And here's one of them now, They are so stinkin' Big!!! At our house we like to rock the "oops I forgot to put pants on look"--seriously this summer It's becoming impossible to keep these two fully dressed:) And when your haulin' your electric guitar in your backpack and holdin' a cold one (aka sippy) you just kinda feel that less is more.....

And here's by far the cutest picture of my baby Gus from our trip!

Were just enjoying Summer, spending time at Seven peaks and the boys have discovered running through the sprinklers, Way fun except when your fully clothed on your cell phone not really giving your full attention and Cam decides you look like your hot, not hot as in your one foxy mama but hot like it's summer outside soaked and Im not sure I've ever heard my kids laugh so hard in my life!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Mexico in pictures.....I'll get to an actual post sometime.....

Dayton and Gus
dayton fishing for 'compliments'..........

Dax and Me getting ready to fish
Uncle Nate and dax making a big sand castle

First day on the beach
Some of the boys....gardner boys:)
Me getting ready to bring up a whopper!!Cameron looking for something to pick up off the ground to show me and I bring out the hand sanitizer!
Granny Robin and Gus ( or goose as we are all calling him)
dax loving it on the fishing boat
dayton and the boys


Our nephews Tayen and Dade, they are my boys most favorite people in the whole world!!