Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My baby is already 6 months old!!

"I'd smile but my gums are killing me and my ear aches"
Well were half way to 1 can you believe it!!!! I can't and refuse too! Our little baby turned 6 month old on September 11th--it' s a sad day to share your half birthday with. He celebrated by going on a little family trip with friends to a cabin in Nephi cabin. We had so much fun the only downer was all of us except dayton coming home with bad colds and an ear infection for baby Goose......But were all on the mend! Gus had his 6 mon well-child visit yesterday--


weight: 19lbs 7.5 ounces 70 % percentile

height: 27 1/2 inch 70% percentile

head: 45.2 85% percentile ( so he's prob gonna be like his "big" headed brother Cam :)

As you can see he's a growing baby, He loves to grab his toes and roll from side to side, He's kinda sitting up, we figure it's a little tough when your on the chubby side- he he he--We didn't get shots seeing as he's under the weather, So we'll head back next week......Ugh I hate seeing my babies get shots!! Well, were are really excited that Halloween is around the corner...We Gardner's do it up big so we'll keep you posted...get it "posted"--

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Um...No thanks :)

Our son Cameron really does have some good manners, He says "excuse me", "thank you", "please" and when you tell him it's time for bed this is what he says...........