Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Can you spot what these pictures have in common?

Here is a picture of Dax at 9 mon old..............

Here is a picture of Cameron taken last week....................................Can you spot the difference?

Monday, July 12, 2010

Baby Gus is 4 months old!

Our "little" man Gus is turning out to follow in the footsteps of his older brother Dax and those footsteps are cute big chubby ones! Dax's feet looked just like this, Cameron's were normal and in normal I mean he could wear shoes. Dax couldn't fit into shoes til like 18 mon. and by the looks of Gus' foot, we're on the same track :) He's weighing in at right around 16 lbs and is about 26' inches tall, We'll see the Dr later this month to get the stats. He starts cereal this week so I'm thinking this jolly rosy cheeked baby is going to be a happy camper with trying something new to eat!! His hair is still looking red and the baby blue are hanging around as well--We call him our little Irishman :)

Friday, July 2, 2010

Oh how my boys are getting bigger??

This first picture was about two years ago on a walk up Provo Canyon......

And here's one of them now, They are so stinkin' Big!!! At our house we like to rock the "oops I forgot to put pants on look"--seriously this summer It's becoming impossible to keep these two fully dressed:) And when your haulin' your electric guitar in your backpack and holdin' a cold one (aka sippy) you just kinda feel that less is more.....

And here's by far the cutest picture of my baby Gus from our trip!

Were just enjoying Summer, spending time at Seven peaks and the boys have discovered running through the sprinklers, Way fun except when your fully clothed on your cell phone not really giving your full attention and Cam decides you look like your hot, not hot as in your one foxy mama but hot like it's summer outside hot...got soaked and Im not sure I've ever heard my kids laugh so hard in my life!!