Thursday, June 25, 2009

I LOVE MY SON........................

The criminal at large..................He may look cute and innocent but behind the facade lurks a sneaky little rascal who in 45 seconds can do some serious damage that rivals the Hulk
It was one of those moments where you are thinking where in the h*ll did he find the biggest sharpie marker the company produces.....oh yeah I thought he couldn't get into the child proof drawers....I'm seeking legal cosultation the package said "child-proof"--

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Disney and more......

possibly Dax's favorite ride!!
Giving a high-five after riding Roger-rabbit

Cam being obeident and trying to lift the bar..Dax looked at it and rolled his eyes

Some of the family..The cute blonde in front is Grannie Robin ( yeah, Dayton's Mom)

Dayton got this picture with our slow stupid camera...I don't know how either

Disneyland was pretty awesome! The only sad part was the couple days before both boys went in to the doctor to get antibiotics to treat a double ear infection for the big guy and Cam lucked out with just having a single-- Dax totally gets Disneyland, He pretty much has his own itinerary ( how the crap do you spell that word) for us as what rides we need to ride next and spotting the cotton-candy sellers and pretty much leading the pack! The boys rode everything they could, Pirates, Haunted Mansion, Jungle Cruise etc. Dax is big enough to ride Matterhorn and is almost there to ride the next height requirement!! Dayton can't wait :) The boys had a blast with there cousins Dade 10 and Tayen who is almost 7 ,they were so awesome to my boys! We miss them so much already! The weather was awesome especially since we heard Utah was cold and rainy as usual!! Getting home was good we really missed our Doggie Emmy and there's no place like home! ( to sleep that is.......I missed my bed and my boys sleeping in their own room)