Friday, January 9, 2009

One of our favorite things that happens in the winter!

This guy that lives here in Springville is a master of sculpting snow into cartoon characters ( last snow it was the Madagascar cast) This time it was Dax's FAVORITE thing in the whole world....A TRAIN!!!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Please Officer! I'm innocent, I swear.....
Well... I told you I would get back to everyone with what this Holiday season brought with it and it wasn't all present and Ho-ho-ho :) I was hired by AT&T the beginning of November but wasn't starting til December 7th--We went to AZ for Caitie and Nate's Wedding which was the day before Turkey Day).I got a call that sure shook things up--The Human Resources lady called me to inform me I didn't pass my background check for the job.....Very confused I asked well what didn't I pass.....Well,Ma'am you have a criminal record...WHAT! I don't have a criminal record.....I'm sorry but I show here you have 3 felonies and 4 misdemeanors for Theft and car robbery.....I ask if one of my Bro-n-laws called her and put her up to this...No Ma'am, I'm not kidding......Anyway long story short, Someone who I know stole my Driver's License about 6 years ago ( in March) and committed these crimes then when they where caught they gave them My ID and SS number......And it also had turned into a warrant since I missed my court appearance back in April 2003 ( How could I be so careless)- So yes...all of you have been associating with a criminal---Well,now with the help of Dayton's Uncle who is an attorney the charges have been dropped the warrant has been released as of December 20th-- And now AT&T has restarted their background check! So Now that I have experienced Identity Theft for myself I can surely say It's not my favorite :)