Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It's the Most wonderful Time of the Year!!

I would like you to picture that post title being sung in your best Bing Crosby voice :) Well, the Holidays are here and am I ready........"No".... is it December 25th yet? No, So I like to live by the seat of my pants and venture out into the crowds risk catching who knows what and get that rush! No not really my car is on the "kaputs" right now so the Boys and me mostly are hanging at home, staying warm :) And I am definitely one of the people who if there wasn't a deadline nothing would get done!

We were ahead of the curve for ourselves this year and got Family pictures taken for Christmas cards and don't ask if their mailed out yet cuz' well you already know the answer to that! We took them the day before the big snow so it was a whoppin' 14 degrees outside--I'm grateful for photo editing because all of us had issues w/ our noses running. The boys did really good considering they have no attention span and we were in a new place they wanted to explore! And I think my friend Becky did a great job of the center of attention being my huge belly!

I'm 28 weeks along and all in all feeling good! Almost time to break down and get some ugly prego pants...Both of the boys are Summer birthdays so I have zero "winter" pregnant clothes and really...who wants to invest in something you can only wear for the next three months! Heartburn is here in full throttle. But I remind myself I would rather have that than the morning sickness from the first 4 1/2 months :) Baby boy Gardner is very active and soon I'm sure I'll be experiencing the "alien hand" visibly moving across my belly when I'm in the tub! I

I would like to wish my Family, Friends, Neighbors a very Happy Holiday Season! I Love you all and hope your Holiday is one of good food,great health, laughter, answered prayers :)