Friday, October 24, 2008

Maybe we should have a baby!

Okay....This made me want another little one to add to our Family!

We had Dayton's younger sister Caitin's Bridal shower at our house last Saturday and one of our cute friend's, Jill brought her beautiful little baby, Jacey-- I decided to be funny and really just love and snuggle the baby in front of Dax to see what he would do. Well forget any jealousy, He saw that little girl and with a huge grin on his face said "oh" and immediately wanted to hug her!! I was shocked, He climbed up on the couch and put his arms out like "okay, I'm ready to hold her"-- And spent the next 20 minutes being so gentle ( which is surprising, our poor doggie Emmy gets the "non-gentle" treatment) and just smiling at her and touching her hair....SO maybe it wouldn't be a such a big uproar to bring another one home :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Partially Hydrogenated Oils

Partially Hydrogenated Oils
After becoming a Mom, I learned from My "foster" Mom Bashaan the dangers of PHO's and once I started reading labels at the store--I was pretty freaked out by all the "common" packaged foods that contain them--Nearly all graham crackers do...pretty scary since I was always picking them up for Dax since he had started eating solids--Even tortillas are almost all packed w/ PHO's, there is like 1 brand at Walmart (La Faorita) that is safe-- Peanut butter too...You need to get the kind you have to stir & get used to it pretty fast, promise ;) Please everyone, I am not trying to scare you or make you feel guilty. I just was really happy to be informed. There are reasons our Great-grand and Grandparents possibly passed away from "old-age"..... it's that they didn't have access to all this processed and fast food-- Anyway, also I have found lots of healthy snacks at the Heath-Food store, and surprisingly they are maybe at most 25-75 cents more or if you catch a sale even less then what you would pick up a your regular grocery store :) **Click on the title to get the full explanation about PHO's , and the link at the bottom about "What's wrong with Wheat" is a good one-- May help some of you w/ food allergies you might not know that you have.

.................................................... .......My train-obsessed son
Dax is a train junkie!! He would sleep with his Train set if I let him :) And even when he is exhausted he will lay beside the train tracks to keep playing, and unfortunatly he doesn't want any help from Cam so we are having some "stool time" for hurting our brother--And a side note, We live close enough to train tracks to hear them--Dax will stop mid-anything when he hears them to tell me "Tain, Tain, Tain...choo. choo"-- I'm sure everybody has seen this train set it's a good ol' Ikea bargain at $14.99 for a 20 piece set!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

My little Man Dax Henry

And this picture of my dear sweet Mama's boy shows how much he is like his Mom.....When he wakes up he needs a good 30 minutes to really want to be awake :) He is a tried-n-true snuggle-bear and every morning he just wants to be held, This could be one of my favorite times of the day!!

My sweet baby Cameron Thomas

I just have to put this picture on here out of sheer Love....This is Dayton & Me's little baby boy, This picture is the definition of this boy---He lives a life full of JOY and smiles every step of the way

Bridal Veil Falls

Hello's been too long! Our computer crashed and it's been an interesting ride to get it back to it's ol' self-- So here I am playing catch up-- About 2 1/2 weeks ago the Boys and I went up one to Bridal Veil to walk the path-- the color's are changing up there, it's absolutely beautiful!! Here's a couple pics-- It was a little chillier that expected so I had to fashion a little hood for Cam out of one of Dayton's shirts I was taking to the dry cleaners after our walk :)