Monday, March 28, 2011

Weightloss Update #1

Sorry this is a little delayed :) I am happy to report I am doing pretty good! Had a minor setback with being sick the last week so tonight's Zumba class will be my first workout since last Friday ( over a week ago) I know I have lost a little ground....Meaning getting back to the grind may be a little rough this week, Waking up tomorrow at 5:30 am is gonna kick my bum, But I will prevail!!!! I have actually really missed my workouts, It has become my 'ME" time :) And like I've said I truly believe I am a more patient, happy go lucky Mom with regular exercise. This week with being so sick ( I hadn't been that sick for some time) I let the boys kinda do whatever and it feels much better to not only be better of course but to get back to our semi-set schedule :) And mostly Im sure Dayton is much happier to have a wife back! I kinda get the blues when Im sick so I was not very forgiving to myself this week and seemed to try chew myself up & spit me back out! Im also attributing the "crazy, irrational thoughts" to the monthly reminder I am a woman :) SO lots of crazy talk this week....Thanks Dear for puttig up with me!On a happier not,  People have definitely been complementing me on my weight loss  more & more but I am a horrible complement receiver..I am trying very hard to be better and just say "thank you" and not start saying the "Yeah..but's"--  And also all of you gals comments were Awesome!! Thank you so so much :)
Last week at my sister-n-law Caitie's baby shower--Im feeling pretty slim..mind you Im standing next to a gal ready to give birth at any time :) 

This is my "glamour shot" from our family photos a month ago :)

The scale has been kind-- Im clocking in at 185-186 so I have lost about 4.5 in the last 2 weeks :) The only thing that Im hoping to change is to see more change in my hip-thigh area...That's my "problem area" Im still wearing my good ol' size 14-16 pants and yeah it's  nice to pull them out of the dryer and put them on ( I used to HAVE to hang all jeans to dry if I ever had any intention to put them on :) I would really like to just wear sz 12..Is that so much to ask :) So I gonna keep on the grind! Mexico in here in 9 weeks!! So still plenty of time to reach some milestones in this weightloss game!!!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Birthday Cake pictures!!!

Mom has to give a little taste so he knows what exactly this round thing is in front of him.

Yummy....and it feels so weird in between my fingers!

I could get used to this........

My parents ( Mom) Thinks she's an artist and painted on my tummy!

Utter chaos!! And hmm...what's that tingle......SUGAR RUSH!!

The fun was over once Mom decided I needed a bath in the kitchen sink!

As you can see my baby LOVED his mini birthday cake! He was hesitant for like 30 seconds then went wild once he tasted the chocolate :) I was a little worried that he might get sick since he doesn't really eat any sweets besides fruit but no problemo He was in hog-heaven!! As you can see it was like Zoolander in the coal-mine,,You could pretty much see just a pair of blue-eyes looking up at you :) Thanks to My parents, Aunts, Grandmas, cousins for making it to the Big event!! Happy Birthday my son, We love you :)

Friday, March 11, 2011

My Baby is 1 yrs. old today!!!

Gus Michael Gardner- day 1
One month old!
Crossing over the border- 3 months old in Mexico
Brothers- 4 1/2 months old
Hooray! 6 1/2  mon. old
Disneyland  8 1/2 mon. old
Disneyland- Dad proping me up against a wall :)
Winter 2010
Christmas Eve
11 mon. old- Just before my haircut!
Today!! 1 years old!!

      Today is a bittersweet day at the Gardner House! Our baby Goose is 1 today :) I can't express how fast this year has gone by! It really feels like we brought that little guy home from the hospital yesterday. He has been such an immense blessing in our home. We feel so fortunate to have this little boy for a son. He is always Happy and is so loving and tender. His brothers love him so much and really make it their goal in life to get him to smile and laugh :) Dax especially, He's always trying out new faces & sounds to see what he will do! Cam continues to try to ride him like a pony...We continue to explain that he's a baby not a stuffed animal. He gets his 1 year old check up in Saturday so I don't have official stats but if I were to guess he's topping in at around 25 lbs--Too heavy to carry for long :) He's sporting clothes that are 18 mon--some 2T but only cuz' I need to just break down & get him a few things...With him being a Spring baby & the other boys being Summer kids there is like a season of clothes at his size I never had to buy :) He is a fast crawler and he has super-power hearing, We can be as sneaky as possible to open the laundry room door or my bedroom & before you know it the lil' stinker is right on your heals! He loves solids (finally) really likes Little Cesar's pizza we discovered the other night....Not that that will become a normal dinner for him :P He is saying a couple words here & there which is really exciting to us! Today Dayton walked into the kitchen when I was feeding him lunch and plain as day said "Dad"-- We starting cheering and laughing-He loved it!! I gave him a haircut about a month ago I just couldn't wait any longer it was probably the "hair-dresser" in me but I couldn't take the uneven mullet one more day!! I shaved it with a number 4 to just take off the really long stuff & low and behold it's coming in white!! My little "toe-headed" son..who would guess he's a 1/4 Hispanic :) Or that I'm his Mom-- Had a couple people ask me if he's a nephew!!
     We are having a birthday party on Saturday Night so pictures of that little baby covered in cake are sure to follow!! We LOVE you Goosen!!! Happy Birthday!! xoxo

P.S. Will post weight loss update this weekend, doing good even though I succumbed to a box of Hot Tamales and a Free Blizzard from Dairy Queen :)