Monday, May 17, 2010

2 months old!!

Little or should big Gus man turned 2 months on the 11th!! we had had a quick trip to Arizona and I forgot to update you on Mr. Gus-- He just had his 2 mon check-up and the kid is weighing 13 lbs 4 oz and grown to 24 inches tall and happy to report his head size is in the 50%--So no big cranium on the kid (yet.......ex: Cameron) he he he-- He is a great eater, if his eyes are open there's like a 99.9% chance he is nursing! He is a smiling happy boy, very interested in looking around and is always turning his head toward any voices in the room. He is very loved/smothered by his big brothers and I'm pretty sure the kid's understanding of personal space won't be the same cuz' his brothers insist on talking to him with their noses touching :)--yes it's pretty adorable! By the pictures you can see he's getting chubby!!LOVE IT!! LOVE IT!!

Here's a couple pics of the boys too--The one of Dax shows how he would prefer to be dressed all the time--Nothing says comfort like transformers undies and toystory slippers!! He tells me it's hot when I say we need to get shorts on--quick story...Dax came in the other day from playing out back with his pants all skee-whompus, turned to the side and I asked him what happened.."I went pee in the grass Mom"--So the kid has figured out being a boy has it's advantages with the plumbing--Hoping he still prefers to pee indoors....we'll see :)

Cameron has started singing to himself when he's playing...pretty awesome--He's our daydreamer kid and to hear him singing the alphabet and the 1,2 buckle your shoe song kinda melts my heart :) He is as accident prone as ever......just walking a straight line for him looks like he failed his breathalyzer test, We love him!

Getting ready for a big trip the end of this month so fun pictures ahead!! Summer is almost here, hallelujah! Below is how my kids eat string cheese.....they're silly (or brooding romantics)what can I say!