Saturday, February 20, 2010

I need to post now cuz' boys are both asleep at the same time!!

Hello.....I realized it's been two months since I last made a post. I'm just pregnant and pretty lethargic ;) Yeah so I have 23 days left til' our baby boy gets here and as you might have guessed I'M READY!! First I can't wait to see this little baby and a close second is it really is true that with each pregnancy your body feels everything sooner and I really am not a complainer ( don't phrase that question to Dayton, he will have a different answer for you) I just done with the "i've been kicked in the crotch by a pro soccer player feeling" that's all sorry if that TMI but hey I know the only people that read this Blog are ladies :)

Let's see what else.....The boys are wild monkeys but would I have them any other way....NO :) They are becoming masters of building forts out of blankets, being inseparable, being worst enemies, and both have recently started loving America's Funniest Home Videos and I hate to admit it, They both laugh uncontrollably when people get hurt.......Yeah, I can't lie that is what gets Dayton and me laughing uncontrollably :) We are still working on getting Dax potty trained before they baby gets here but um....he's not really all into it, But the little rascal knows the way to get a treat is to go potty in the potty and has "tricked" me more than once when I say "no" to a treat and then all of a sudden he going potty.......And I don't know if you guys knew that the best way to go potty is to strip down to nothing ( or at least that's what my son thinks)-- So in all reality I'm going to be one of those ladies you see at the grocery store with 3 different sizes of diapers in my cart.......Well the bright side is I live in Utah County so I know I'm not some weird anomaly :) Both boys are speaking more clearly which we are VERY EXCITED about--I know preschool is really helping the big guy and in turn Cam seems to have become more vocal!!

In closing , I hope everyone had a great Holiday Season!! We did! And my Christmas wish came true for close relatives of mine :) If you what to read something that is just a tale of the miracle of prayer and blessings, then you can go to my cousin Liz's daughter London's website to read their story :) Love to everyone--