Friday, July 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Dax!!!

Day 1

Dax's foot is legendary in our family!! It's always been huge!

Granny Robin and Dax 2 mon

cousins!! Jonah and Dax

1 year old

Cam's blessing day

Being a little naughty


Disneyland 2008

Dade, Dax and Tayen Mexico 2010


Birthday day 4 yrs old

Dax and baby goose

Fall 2010

December Disneyland 2010

Feb 2011

Spring 2011

May 2011

Mexico 2011

Mexico 2011-- on the boy's boat trip!
     Well today is one of those bittersweet days...My firstborn son is 5 years old today!!! I'm having a couple of teary moments, mostly because it really does feel like yesterday he was born and we were embarking on a new life as parents!! I love this big guy so much! He is such the older brother, He loves his brothers and is the one they both want to follow and do what he does :) He is always trying to get Cam and Goose to laugh..So we might have a little class clown in the making. He is always smiling that deep dimpled smile and as you can guess it's hard to discipline the kid at times :) He is so loving and just loves to cuddle, which I hope never changes...But I know that day will get here eventually. He is his Dad's son as he loves to help Dad work on cars--Loves tools...a recent happening was he saw our neighbors working on their sprinklers so he went home and filled up his Hot wheel with tools and drove over to see if he could help! Love that boy :) Happy Birthday Dax Henry Gardner-- Your Mom, Dad and brothers love you!!xoxo


Beccarigg said...

Happy birthday to your handsome little man! So fun going back down memory lane with all those pics. I love the one of him asleep at his high chair and the one of him getting into mischief up on the counter. : ) Total boy!

robinmaryallen said...

I just saw this! It made me teary, too. Dax is the best big brother. I can't wait to watch him get baptized, and before we know it, he will be passing the sacrament. What a valiant BIG spirit he has! I love you DAXman!