Sunday, June 12, 2011

San Carlos 2011

WEERRREEE BBBACCKK!!! We made our annual trek to San Carlos, Mexico this past week :) It was no surprising awesome! It seemed to take forever for the trip to get here but then the night before we set off for Arizona I was frantically trying to finish the dreaded packing(note to readers...I DESPISE PACKING) and with having a very full week before of hair clients, I would be lying if I said all the laundry was washed, the house was cleaned and I was a nice mother and wife......But everybody survived my craziness and we spent a couple days in AZ before the next leg of our trip. We spent the week working on our tans, enjoying each others company and indulging in food we had all been depriving ourselves leading up to this week of wearing only your " bathing suit"- We went on our deep sea fishing trip and had a successful time as everybody was bringing up multiple fish on the same cast!! We headed to the aquarium to do some snorkeling but were sad to find with the windy weather the days before we got there had stirred up the seafloor and it was so cloudy you could barely see your hand in front of you. So it was straight to OUR favorite part of our boat ride--The native crew cooks up the BEST fish tacos you have ever eaten!!! They are divine--And after the long morning you eat then like it's your last meal!! My baby Goose would not even try to take a nap on the boat so upon getting back to the condo the little rascal took a 5 hour nap!!!We learned that Dax could spent from 6 in the morning to 6 at night on the beach or at the pool--His AMAZING tan speaks for it's self along with his hair is practically bleach blond!! He's pretty cute! Cam was Cam the first day..not wanting to try anything new but soon realized all the fun that is to be had playing in the ocean and swimming in the pool! Gus was a perfect angel, wearing himself out being outdoors and sleeping like a champ for close to 12+ hours each night!!! I will report that we saw nothing scary in Mexico--My Dad was not happy we were going, But with prayers in our hearts we had no difficulties and made it safely back to the US of A with no problems- I am really glad to be home--Well kind of home, We are in Arizona til' Tuesday, taking a break from another long car ride :) Thank you to April and Kinsley for lending me adorable swimsuits and clothes, I looked quite attractive I must add :)
This kid had sand in places I shall not speak of!

Dax having the time of his life

Smiley Cam!

If you look close you can see the sand at the corners of his mouth...Yummy sand in my tummy!

Still shocked at Cam's braveness in this picture!

Gardner Boys-Dax, Gus, Dade, George, Tayen and Cam

HE didn't care for his life jacket!

an hour into the boat trip.......And he stayed that way til' we docked, 4 hrs later :)

Up top on the boat upper level

Everytime you turned around Cam was going potty....Trying to explain we don't do that outside.

The whole family--Notice my middle son laying on the ground pouting and Dayton resting his foot on him....

The official weight-loss picture--176lbs.

Dinner at Rosa's Cantina--Best Tortilla soup!

Dinner at Blackie's- I enjoyed the Lobster crapes!

Thank you to Mom and Pops for the best vacation--WE LOVE YOU!!

This picture kinda melts my heart!

Grandma and the "Twins"-- Gus and George were born 3 weeks apart to the day



Brooke said...

You look amazing!!! Oh and the trip looked cool too (kidding, it looks like you guys had a blast) What a fun family tradition. I love the family picture, you can't have a good one without someone on the floor or in tears!

Beccarigg said...

Um, YEAH you looked "quite attractive" you hot mama!! Seriously so proud of you and all your weight loss. You look fab in all the pics and your vacation looked like a blast! So many stinking cute pics of the boys! The one of Cam (at least I think it's Cam) sleeping on the boat is hilarious! Gotta love the way vacation wipes kids out. Your boys are THE cutest handsomest little guys, I definitely think we need to set them up with my girlies when they're all old enough to date : )

E said...

You look incredible!! I can't wait to see you IN A FEW DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!