Monday, August 22, 2011

Cam is 4 and i turned the big 3-0!!

Day 1

First Day at home

This kid's hair was awesome
2 months old in Mexico

Blessing Day

This is my favorite picturer of these two clowns

Cam was chubby for 0.1 seconds..This is the proof!
Yes folks you read that right..I'm 30 :) Bring on the mid-life crisis..NOT! I have no hang-ups about age-- I've felt middle-aged since about 8th grade so now it's nice to actually feel my age and I feel G-R-E-A-T! and now on to MORE important things! My sweet sweet Cam is 4 years old!! I am sorry to say his birthday was last Monday and I am now just posting this..Lameo-Mom !!
     After Dax's birthday last month Cameron started asking about his birthday and I was happy to say it's around the corner buddy!! He said he wanted friends and cake just like his brother's party!! Which is cute cuz' that kid is really shy...doesn't care for crowds but he rocked it out at Dax's party and was ready for his own special day!!! This kid is the kid that tells me "I Love you Mom" at least 3 times a day! Every night before bed he says "Okay Mom, 2 hugs and 2 kisses"--He loves to snuggle and is just a joy to call my son! He loves teasing Dax and can get him mad faster than anyone-- I am constantly catching that kid in the bathroom making faces at himself ( laughing I might add)- So I think we might have a little clown in the making :) He is our accident prone child..crossing my fingers no broken bones anytime soon! WE LOVE YOU CAM!!! Love Daddy, Mom, Dax, Gooose and Emmylou!!xoxo

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Beccarigg said...

Oh my word look at all that hair!! I love it when little babies have tons of hair, it's so stinking cute! Happy birthday to you and your little clown in the making : ) I love your attitude about 30. I got sad for a minute when I turned 30 but then I realized what you did, that I feel great so why does age even matter? And let's be honest, you and I make 30 look goooood ; ) LOL! (but seriously, we do! ; )